Werner Reinisch

“I am full of colors.”

Residing in France since 1961, Werner Reinisch has always been at the confluence of major artistic movements of the century: expressionism and the Cobra movement, where abstraction and figuration overlap. This results in a style and imagination populated with a menagerie where humans, animals, and places intertwine, highlighted by a brush that delves into the depths, bringing forth unexpected lights and ever-renewed lyricism through the play of his palette. It is a quest for the absolute, for purity, and the omnipresent presence of space that allows for all audacity. At 91 years old, Werner Reinisch’s vital energy remains intact, and as the artist reminds us, “I am full of colors.”

Werner Renisch has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions both in France and abroad. His work is featured in the collections of dozens of museums and foundations, including “l’Institut français des arts” (IFA).


Vulcano – Werner Reinisch

JUNE 01 - JULY 25, 2023

True colors – Werner Reinisch

JUNE 01 - JULY 25, 2023